This carefully selected packed Lineup ov De Mortem et Diabolum Vol. VIII sets its course with unforgiving determination ahead, under the fury flames ov an incredible crew...

they lead us on continously over hell and high waters, even through the most ghastly firm grip ov a seemingly everlasting pestic pandemic.

However, it is only hereafter upon which ~ with some cunning sorcery, these shadows of the abyssal can be finally bound into demonic tuned forces, to unleash all ov their dense energetic ferocity, inside this blackened metal sanctuary. To grant a closer glimpse ov these entities though, you have to enter this darkend realm yourself and listen closely to their growling. ( hauntingly melodic chants )


Now, before the weight on your chest gets to heavy, breath... the lights will go on, you are not alone here dear readers. During this ordeal we have caught a few ov these apparitions each      night, filled with an intensive three day billing festival split, for you to view.

Featured from left to right, amongst the others...







Whoredom Rife